Anne Phillips Architecture

Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Amazonian Rain Forest Eco-Resort

Client: Conservation International

Design Approach: Utilize native materials and building traditions to create comfortable accommodations in harmony with the landscape and natural amenities Use roofs for protection from rain and sun; keep walls to a minimum to enhance views and natural air circulation.

The three-story timber frame pavilion serves as a landmark gateway to tourism in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. The open pavilion structure adjacent to the Foengoe Island boat landing welcomes visitors arriving by dug-out canoe and serves as a beacon to those arriving by propeller plane. The timber frame, made of local rot resistant brownheart and purpleheart wood, was raised by hand in collaboration with the North American Timber Framers Guild. The building houses the central kitchen and dining area for all park guests and staff as well as gathering space for educational and cultural programs. On the top floor there is a bar with a magnificent 360 degree view of the dense jungle canopy and boulder-studded river below.

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